Mindelo market.

cabov8 048

Mindelo, Sao Vicente.  Cape Verde June 21


Free parking

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outside the main shop in Cachaco.  June 17.  Sao Nicolau, Cape Verde

In the shadow of the Dragoeiro

Somewhere between Faja and Cachaco. Taking a break after a long day of trailing the mountains and valleys on the Island of Sao Nicolau in Cape Verde. Still we need a couple of hours by foot in the dark before reaching Belindas restaurant in Ribeira Brava. June 9. 2014.

Hey mister..

vict. pralin 070

 “don´t swim to far out.. there are big sharks out there”  the twins told me and smiled between them.

It was mostly a friendly joke. But I knew that six months earlier sharks had killed one french man and two weeks later an english tourist not very far from this beach.

Praslin island, The Seychelles. February 2012.

A year ago

beau vallon

I took a very good decision. I made a flight reservation southeast (for a change) and ended up on this special place south of the equator. The Seychelles.  The picture is from Beau Vallon beach at the island of Mahé.

Whale shark habitat!



 The season for watching Whale Sharks in the Seychelles is from August to the end of October with some variations..  If you go another period of the year there are other interesting stuff to see as well. I promise!