A year ago

beau vallon

I took a very good decision. I made a flight reservation southeast (for a change) and ended up on this special place south of the equator. The Seychelles.  The picture is from Beau Vallon beach at the island of Mahé.

Håkan goes nature!

  Ten days ago I was discovering rainforests south of the equator. This picture is taken an hour ago in Änggårdsbergen, Gothenburg.  Different climate, it has its charm though!

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Eski oun deza vin la?

Met Danielle with family and friends.  Elwina is the girl trying to get her fathers  attention!

Can you spot him? in the upper  right!

The woman with the big leaf is a police taking shelter from a heavy rain..

I am just south of the equator in a place often associated with paradise.

I kind of understand why?