Zun Zet in Zadar

perm zad 565ps

People gathering to admire the sunset in Zadar, Croatia. Tomorrow  July 1 Croatia becomes member of the European Union.

(I have cloned away a fragment of a leg at the left side of this pic)  Photo taken June 20 2013.

Gothenburg harbour tonight

24 mars iphone 040ps

I was accompanied by this light when returning home by bike from dance-class along the river a couple of hours ago.

Handy to pick up the iPhone and try out a vertical panorama.  Gothenburg March 24  18:23.

Light show at Vinga

This photo taken a couple of days ago is straight out of the camera. Just a tiny bit of sharpening over the bridge section.. that’s it.

Perhaps God has started a Photoshop class. Todays lesson “the saturation tool”

Älvsborgsbron, Gothenburg.