Back on track?

5d 27sept track

Looks obvious and easy but….. Gothenburg/tram city.  Bangatan from yesterdays evenings walk.

SAAB Compact?

iPhone 14 now 016ps

Spotted at Götaplatsen in Gothenburg, November 8.  They are starting the car production again in Trollhättan. Is this the rumored compact model?

Or is it just a phenomena that iPhone users experience from time to time when using the panorama feature ?  

Up river.. east

27april 021ps

View from Stigberget towards Göta älv. Götaverken cranes to the left (once a busy shipbuilding company): To the right the opera and “Lilla Bommen”  Apartment buildings in Hjällbo in the background.

April 27. 2013.


A wet ride

la digue2 098

Caught by one of those heavy showers that suddenly appears in this region of the Indian Ocean. She seemed happy enough anyway and after a short while the sun was dominating the scene again.

La Digue island. February 16. 2012