Greenhouse living


With an excellent riverview location this settler family has chosen to live about two days distance by canoe downstream from Manicoré.  Rio Madeira is a tributary to the Amazon river.

Carnival closeups!

Visiting the Carnival in Hammarkullen, Gothenburg/ Sweden.  26 of May 2012.

Breakfast in Santarem!

View from the breakfast terrace at my hostel in Santarem, Brazil.

A vulture drying his wings and the boats arriving and leaving on the Amazon river. Nothing beats a tropical breakfast with fresh “jugo de Maracuja” (passion fruit) and a panorama like that..

(Photo converted to black and white, added some sepia tone)

O rio mar!

  The Amazon river close to Santarem.

A few weeks ago I presented a photo from the Iguazu falls. Iguazu means great waters, and that place is for sure an impressive sight!

This is another place worthy of superlatives. At times when you travel by boat on the the Amazon it appears to be more like an ocean. In fact there are stretches of the river that are more than 40 kilometers wide..!!

Click on photo for high res.. click on tag Amazon river to see more pictures from that trip.

Iguazú do Brasil!

  Iguazú is guaraní and means  “great waters” !

The falls was recently declared one of 7 provisional natural wonders of the world. Borders of Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil meet here.

Click on photo to see full size.. and take an amazing tour with helicopter over the falls. (thank you luisguzmanpr)

Let´s dance with Adriana Mendes

Adriana Mendes started to dance at the age of five in her home country Brazil . She came to Sweden some years ago with the strong determination to create a dance school.

Thanks to skills, patience and energy (like a small nuclear plant) she is now the owner of a very popular dans school in Gothenburg named Adrianas Danshus
A month ago she won the price Settler of the year, pioneer in the west 2011

The Governor of the region handed over the price at a special ceremony in the residence in central Gothenburg.

In the picture: Adriana and her brother Aldo (also a skilled dancer) teaching salsa at Liseberg amusement park in Gothenburg/Sweden. (click on photo to see hi res version)

Brazilian cat

Did a stop over at  Manicoré when travelling the Amazon by boat between Porto Velho and Belém.

It´s a small settlers community at the Rio Madeira a couple of days
river journey from Manaus.

Me and my friends heard about a jaguar
that recently had been shot and decided to visit the family that had taken care of the kitten..

This beauty will grow to become the largest feline in this part of the world.