The word street photography, in a broad sense, sums it up, talking about Håkan Rönnblads preferences in photo.

A decisive moment was the first trip abroad from Sweden to Latin America when he was twenty.

After several journeys to that continent he learnt spanish enough to become an authorized interpreter which is now his main income source.

83-84 a one year-long trip around South America, the Amazon river, Bolivia, Peru etc.. lots of pictures. Won the price “Photographer of the year” in a swedish photo magazine.

The last exhibition about Cuba in 2009 included the digital slide show “From Cayo Hueso to Rio Miel” .

So.. you will see people from street corners in Latin America and many other places if you visit this gallery. The blog is also worth the visit for those who likes dance pictures, and of course as the photographer is based in Gothenburg, images from this part of Sweden are abundant!

hakanronnblad is also active on Instagram and facebook, you are welcome to follow.

The ambition is to update often. You are most welcome to use the “notify me of new posts via email” or the RSS feed function.

Want to buy a photo? Send a message to:  hakanronnblad@hotmail.com

All photos Copyright Håkan Rönnblad.

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  1. I just wanted to commend you on having such an incredible site. Your understanding of composition, lighting, and ability to capture ‘the moment’ in all your photos is really inspiring! Kudos!


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