Pedro furious

hav-vin-p.esperanza 296x

Heating up when describing “la injusticia” caused by  that fraudulent man in the village.  Viñales/Cuba 2008

The evening news.


The national state television reports about Cuba’s latest revolutionary achievements and… the chaos, hunger and terror that reigns in most of the outer world.   Viñales/Cuba. December 12. 2007.

Arroz con yuca y pollo


Demetrio “Nene” serving his (almost blind) wife and grandson todays lunch.  Simple but tasty.

Viñales, Cuba. January 9. 2005.

Ticking over 30 000 thousand visits


vinales 180

Perhaps my most frequent theme is pictures from Cuba, a country in which I have travel around six times.

Here´s another image from Viñales in the western part of the country.