A last fix..


 before entering the arena and the critical eyes of the jury and a large number of spectators.

Boy was I lucky to stumble into this event the same night (end of June 2012) I arrived to Saranda in southern Albania. Three days of cultural performances with representation from all regions in Albania.  I loved the atmosphere and I think I was the only foreigner present.

Kraftwerk WOW!

  Waiting for the band Kraftwerks concert with 3D effects at the WOW music festival in Gothenburg a few weeks ago.

Who’ll Stop The Rain!

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The Bruce Springsteen initial song tonight kind of fits in to this post..   At this moment I can hear him sing at Ullevi in Gothenburg. Second concert of two. Yesterday was sunny

today it´s been raining quiet a bit. Lots of people and nice atmosphere at the arena.

Albanian energy!

  Taking a zip before entering the stage at this big cultural event in Saranda, southern Albania the last days of june 2012.

She wears the typical costume from here region and shortly she will perform some dances before the jury and national television. Lots of nerves, serious stuff!

Dance expressions!

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From “Möllan” where the dance students of Adrianas Danshus had their show last sunday!

Five years with Salseras!

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For five years I have followed Salseras and their different settings.

Not many realise the effort and daily training for months that lies behind a show with this highly synchronized group. Adriana Mendes has been the prime mover of the entertainers!

Humor, professionalism and hot rhythms have been the characteristics when these skilled artists have entered the scene!

29 March-1 of April (2012) will be like christmas again for the salsa aficionados when the annual Scandinavian Salsa Congress takes place in Gothenburg.  If you´r in town.. be there!