Scandinavian Salsa Congress 2014

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Five times world champions Adrian and Anita performing at the Scandinavian Salsa Congress

in Gothenburg yesterday, March 15.


Walking down La Rambla..


..then take to the right.. you are in Raval. It has not had the best of reputations but it is transforming slowly to a vibrant and trendy neighborhood in the Catalonian capital.

Highway or slow way


galicia2 018Went by bus from Lugo in Galicia to meet up with up with my pilgrim companion. The driver apparently was inspired by the Spanish F1 driver Fernando Alonso .
Fully concentrated on the possibilities of survival I lost the chance to enjoy the beautiful green Galician surroundings.

I tried the slow lane instead. Can highly recommend 3km/h through the oak forest and some birdsong in the background.

September 10. Galicia, Spain.

Click tag “El Camino de Santiago” for more photos from this walk. 

God morning Galicia



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A view along the pilgrim trail “El Camino de Santiago” Somewhere between Cebreiro and Triacastela. September 9. Galicia, Spain.

More pics from the pilgrim trail click on tag “El camino de Santiago”

El Camino de Santiago: 800 kilometer till fots.


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Klicka på “El Camino de Santiago” tag här nedan om du vill se några av dessa bilder i full storlek.

Katja Bourova promenerade de dryga 80 milen från Frankrike till Santiago de Compostela. Fotografen hängde på från Villafranca till slutstationen.

Via denna länk kan man lyssna på Katjas radioprogram som hon producerat om pilgrimsvandringen:

Note that the first 10 photos are ©Katja Bourova.

Analyse that


 “Dicen que ese tio era loco”: They say this guy was crazy…. I heard a Spanish man muttering whilst looking at one of the paintings at the Dalí museum in Figueres Cataluyna.

In this image I counted more or less 25 persons including my daughter and myself. Click on the picture for more detail.

This young girl

 was walking the pilgrim trail towards Santiago de Compostela in Spain. She is Peruvian and 87 years has passed since she was born.  We met her, half running and in good spirits with her daughter and grand-daughter some 110 kilometers before Santiago.  I´d like to be in that shape when I reach that age.