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 “Dicen que ese tio era loco”: They say this guy was crazy…. I heard a Spanish man muttering whilst looking at one of the paintings at the Dalí museum in Figueres Cataluyna.

In this image I counted more or less 25 persons including my daughter and myself. Click on the picture for more detail.

The Andean painter!

light-travel-021[1]Guillermo Guzman Manzaneda at work painting “La Casona” in his studio in Huancayo, Peru 1979. Somewhere I have recordings saved where this internationally recognized artist sings indecent songs in quechua for us (the native language)

General on the wall!

  An art teacher and mural painter standing in front of his last work, the face of one of the national liberators.

Not far from here another latin American liberation protagonist Simon Bolívar has given his name to one of Santo Domingos many hopelessly poor slum barrios.

Click on photo for high res version..

World class ceramics

Karin Östberg is a renowned ceramist from Gothenburg. She have participated in numerous exhibitions all over the world.
Those who are lucky to be in Gothenburg can enjoy her latest production at Sintra

Landsvägsgatan, close to Järntorget until 18 of October.

Photos shot today, Saturday, October 8.

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