A cowboy needs a ride

  In Cuba the horse is still a common way of transportation in the countryside. This guy though had to conform with a two-wheeler this particular day.  Trinidad, southern Cuba.

El cumple de Mola

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De la fiesta anoche y el hombre mas joven de 80 años que conozco. Felicidades Mola.

From yesterdays birthday party and the youngest 80-year-old that I know.

What a party!!

Thank´s for the invite Adriana Mendes to Scandinavian Salsa Congress .   I´ve been taking quite a few pictures the last 72 hours, will post some of the best shots here in the near future!

There is also loads of pics on my Facebook page.. You are welcome to join in as a friend if you feel for it.

Was it left or right??

The salsa dance routines can be complex, but with a bit of practice and perseverance
it will be a shining performance in the end!

Adrianas Danshus giving lessons at Liseberg Amusement park in Gothenburg.