A cowboy needs a ride

  In Cuba the horse is still a common way of transportation in the countryside. This guy though had to conform with a two-wheeler this particular day.  Trinidad, southern Cuba.

El cumple de Mola

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De la fiesta anoche y el hombre mas joven de 80 años que conozco. Felicidades Mola.

From yesterdays birthday party and the youngest 80-year-old that I know.

What a party!!

Thank´s for the invite Adriana Mendes to Scandinavian Salsa Congress .   I´ve been taking quite a few pictures the last 72 hours, will post some of the best shots here in the near future!

There is also loads of pics on my Facebook page.. You are welcome to join in as a friend if you feel for it.

Was it left or right??

The salsa dance routines can be complex, but with a bit of practice and perseverance
it will be a shining performance in the end!

Adrianas Danshus giving lessons at Liseberg Amusement park in Gothenburg.

Everybody doing the Salsa at Polketten!

Every summer you have the possibility to visit the amusement park Liseberg in Gothenburg
and try out some salsa.  Adrianas Danshus gives free classes on different levels.
Lots of fun.
Click on photo, maybe you recognize yourself!

Tonight in Gothenburg.. Manolito y su Trabuco!

You see a lot of it in Havana. People practising their musical instruments in parks, the Malecon and other places, to avoid irritation from the neighbors.

I was passing by the harbor in Havana late 1993 when I saw this guy rehearsing with his trombone.
I took some pictures, he gave me his card and told me that they earlier that same year had formed a new band that played salsa, timba style.

Several years later there was a concert in Gothenburg/Sweden with a popular Cuban group called Manolito y su Trabuco.
For som reason (deeply hidden in the memory) I searched for that old card he once gave me… and yes, there it was: Manolito y su Trabuco les desea feliz Navidad y un prospero año nuevo…1993!

Brought the photo to the concert and went backstage to meet him. There he was, Juan Carlos (30kg bigger)  with his trombone.  I gave him the picture,  we had a laugh and a nice chat. He invited me to his place in Havana the next time I visited….  And I did, but that´s another story.

Manolito y su Trabuco started as a band 1993. Their first cd came 95. One of Cubas top 3 bands!!

Crayfish with salsa!

Salsa dance at the traditional August crayfish party?!
A few years ago nobody had even heard about salsa in Sweden.

Now as a side effect of immigration it´s getting popular. Some swedes are learning, and learning well.

It was a perfect after dinner activity at this particular party in Mollösund at the swedish west coast a couple of years ago.
Beautiful place!