Ticking over 30 000 thousand visits


vinales 180

Perhaps my most frequent theme is pictures from Cuba, a country in which I have travel around six times.

Here´s another image from Viñales in the western part of the country.

See you in Cebreiro

Every year at September 8 around 30 000 people gather on top of the mountain in the Galician village Pedrafita do Cebreiro.

Some turn up for religious reasons but most of the visitors come for la fiesta. Transportation varies, quite a few persons walk as it is along the pilgrim route Camino de Santiago, some people go by car or bicycle and others take the horse.

The village is situated at the border between Leon and Galicia. At the church Santa Maria la Real you supposedly will find  the Holy Grail.. there where some people also commenting about a visit by the Virgin herself some time ago. Lots of saints and virgins passes by in these regions!!

A cowboy needs a ride

  In Cuba the horse is still a common way of transportation in the countryside. This guy though had to conform with a two-wheeler this particular day.  Trinidad, southern Cuba.

Entering Jarabacoa!

 In comparison to the previous horse this one looks radiant and healthy.  People in rural Dominican Republic (and many Latin American places) are almost born in the saddle and it looks so elegant and easy..  Now me on the other hand after a couple of kilometers…!!??

Bareback at full speed!

  I was lucky to meet Yaniel!  He is the kind of friend you need when you come to an unknown place . Born and raised in Viñales, Cuba. He knows the valley as good as his own pocket. Lots of adventures thanks to him.