Constanza, Dominican Republic

jarabacoa caballo2

A mountain region north-west from Santo Domingo. One of the specialities in Constanza is strawberry cultivation.  January 6. 2011

Put on your walking shoes!


 This is Katja exploring the mountain regions of Dominican Republic. Jarabacoa to be more precise.

According to rumours she is right now doing another trail on a different continent!

Entering Jarabacoa!

 In comparison to the previous horse this one looks radiant and healthy.  People in rural Dominican Republic (and many Latin American places) are almost born in the saddle and it looks so elegant and easy..  Now me on the other hand after a couple of kilometers…!!??

Un café por favor

At nightfall we stumbled into this coffee plantation after many hours of climbing the Mogote mountain. The owner, an old Dominican and his daughter welcomed us with an excellent cup of coffee.
A group of Haitian immigrants took care of the heavy work. There is about a million Haitians in Dominican Republic looking for a better life compared to what they have in their extremely poor home country. There is tension between Dominicans and Haitians. Xenophobia and mistreatment are not uncommon. Luckily we didn´t notice any sign of bad atmosphere at this “cafetal”

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