Birdman 4


Viñales, Cuba January 8. 2005. Yaniel holding and observing a “tomegin” bird. (Tiaris canora) A  species that is very common all over Cuba

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Birdman 3

IMG_3602Yaniel with his precious rooster. He has been training it for months aspiring a victory at the cockfighting arena. Sadly the animal, if it survives, will not look so elegant after the battle!

Viñales, Cuba January 14. 2005


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IMG_3791I made friends with Yaniel in Viñales in the western part of Cuba. He has spent his whole life in that particular valley in Pinar del Rio province.

Yaniel is surrounded by animals of all sorts, horses, dogs, cattle and above all birds. The nature itself is his teacher and what Yaniel does´nt know about birds is not worth knowing.

By the way, do they see the same hairdresser??

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Caribbean dream

Isla Mujeres, Yucatan Mexiko. Take the ferry from the mainland to this quiet little island not far from Cancun. (That´s my daughter Kajsa standing at the palm tree admiring the sunset)

If you feel like more adventures you can go by motorboat further out in the Gulf of Mexico to Isla Contoy National Park, a rare unspoilt bird protection island .



I have had green and blue themes. So lets play with red this time.

A bird in the hand!

  is worth two in the bush.. ( I think he actually has got four in both hands)  outside  Catedral Primada de América in Santo Domingo.

El Condor pasa!

Some weeks ago I shared the story about the Cuban Tocororo bird.
The bonus in that adventure was the encounter with the zunzuncito, hummingbird the smallest bird on the planet. Weigh 1,6g, length is 5,7cm, Half of that is tail and a beak.

I have also had the honor to meet the worlds biggest flying bird, The Condor!

It weights about 15 kilo and has a 3-meter wingspan.
It was a breathtaking moment to observe two of these giants dominating the sky!
As we are in superlative territory it´s also worth mentioning the Colca Canyon in the Andes, southern Peru, where this picture was taken. It is the deepest in the world (yes deeper than Grand Canyon).

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

Me and my daughter made a lunch stop in the beautiful village of Valldemossa
in the Tramuntana mountains in Mallorca.
After eating we entered one of the many tourist shops to take a peek.

In one of the shelves there was a piece of red cloth. The funny thing is that it was something hidden moving around frantically beneath it.
This was definitely more intriguing than the souvenirs in the rest of the shop.

Suddenly the enigmatic being made a  move towards the outside world.  Cautiously the cloth opened on one side and something reddish peeped out.  It was a bill and with it came an eye…

-Se llama Oscar, y es muy tímido!   The owner explained.

His name is Oscar and he is very shy!