The eternal photographer..


..could not even give it a rest while getting a haircut at this not so fancy hairdresser saloon in Havana.

I was anyway pleased with the result when I stepped out of the establishment at Calle 23.   January 28. 2008


IMG_3791I made friends with Yaniel in Viñales in the western part of Cuba. He has spent his whole life in that particular valley in Pinar del Rio province.

Yaniel is surrounded by animals of all sorts, horses, dogs, cattle and above all birds. The nature itself is his teacher and what Yaniel does´nt know about birds is not worth knowing.

By the way, do they see the same hairdresser??

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Mirror mirror on the wall!

  This guy had a really hard time to let go of the mirror…

Walking down Porvenir street my left eye suddenly get a glimpse of an interesting hairdresser scene. Immediately an intensive negotiation process starts in my mind between the photographers ambition to achieve a good picture and my instinctive inhibition against sticking my camera under the noses of people I don’t know. The photographer wins the battle but a small sacrifice is needed…

I turn around, walk back and step into the hair salon asking.. can you cut my hair

Havana, Cuba 1996.  Click on the picture for full size view