Mirror mirror on the wall!

  This guy had a really hard time to let go of the mirror…

Walking down Porvenir street my left eye suddenly get a glimpse of an interesting hairdresser scene. Immediately an intensive negotiation process starts in my mind between the photographers ambition to achieve a good picture and my instinctive inhibition against sticking my camera under the noses of people I don’t know. The photographer wins the battle but a small sacrifice is needed…

I turn around, walk back and step into the hair salon asking.. can you cut my hair

Havana, Cuba 1996.  Click on the picture for full size view

350 Fifth Avenue and 34th Street!

  1981. The combination Swedish trigger-happy tourist (that would be me) and a fragment of a second at the hundred and second flor of  Empire state building resulted in this mirror reflection.
I still don´t know what´s happening in that scene.. are they about to kiss.. are they quarreling or what??

live web camera from the same place

La Cubana!

There she sat in the car at the beach east of Havana.
I could not resist. Lots of tempting ingredients. The sun was low,
the girl was pretty and the car had all that pre revolutionary patina
that one need for a nice Cuban cliché.

-Do you mind a picture? I asked.

-No but you have to hurry up, my husband is coming back in a moment
and he is very jealous!