Going to El Paraíso!

South west of Santo Domingo in Dominican Republic you will find Barahona and the beautiful winding road along the coast line. It passes by El Paraíso and Enriquillo. You can discover unique places like Bahia de las Aguilas. Keep going and you end up in Haiti!

Divine Caribbean view!

Not to many tourists find their way to the southwestern coastline of Dominican Republic!
Got a feeling that this group, does not belong to the ordinary “all-inclusive” category tourists.
Had a short friendly conversation with the man. Cant remember the US state he mentioned as their home!
some christian faith group.. Mennonites?   Anybody has a clue?

By the way, we are not far from Paraíso  (paradise) You´ll find it between La Cienaga and Enriquillo!

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Julia lives in the small village of Enriquillo, on the southwestern coastline of Dominican Republic.

I was told that she won a small fortune in the national lottery some years ago. Being illiterate, unaccustomed to numbers and perhaps a bit credulous, the money vanished in less than a year.

She kept talking about this and that, but the one expression she
repeated over and over was  “y.. que no me venga nadie a decirme que no haya un Dios..”  I dont want to hear anyone say that there is no God !