Divine Caribbean view!

Not to many tourists find their way to the southwestern coastline of Dominican Republic!
Got a feeling that this group, does not belong to the ordinary “all-inclusive” category tourists.
Had a short friendly conversation with the man. Cant remember the US state he mentioned as their home!
some christian faith group.. Mennonites?   Anybody has a clue?

By the way, we are not far from Paraíso  (paradise) You´ll find it between La Cienaga and Enriquillo!

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Julia lives in the small village of Enriquillo, on the southwestern coastline of Dominican Republic.

I was told that she won a small fortune in the national lottery some years ago. Being illiterate, unaccustomed to numbers and perhaps a bit credulous, the money vanished in less than a year.

She kept talking about this and that, but the one expression she
repeated over and over was  “y.. que no me venga nadie a decirme que no haya un Dios..”  I dont want to hear anyone say that there is no God !