Papi y nosotros

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Zona Colonial.  Cartagena, Colombia January 4

Postcard from Fjällbacka

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My job takes me to places I never visited before. Today it was Fjällbacka 90 minutes drive north of Gothenburg. It´s a nice little gem and once the favourite place of the legendary Swedish movie star Ingrid Bergman.

I would not mind coming back in summer time and rent one of those kayaks they advertise about.

A fish with an attitude

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A number of paradise-like islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean… The Seychelles.

One of the highlights for me was the diving.

It might look like an easy motive but it´s not, I promise. It´s a different ballgame to take pictures under water. The creatures you meet accept your presence up to a certain point. If you get to close they are off in a hurry. No posing from this guy.

Want to see more from this place? click on category Seychelles   The above photo was taken February 9. 2012.

August 2012. Hönö

Another image from the northern archipelago in the Gothenburg area.