Boat reunion

iphone 3 nov 005

Yesterday we took up Klas boat for the winter rest (in local Hönö dialect that would be båd). At the same time these four guys were getting ready for a November kayak adventure.

A tram, a lipstick and a boat


Gothenburg. February 1. 2013. Crossing Götaälvbron by bicycle. iPhone panorama.

August 2012. Hönö

Another image from the northern archipelago in the Gothenburg area.

The pirate of the Titicaca lake!

Indisposed (to put it mildly) I stayed a few days in the Bolivian village Copacabana, (no, not the one in Rio) at the Titicaca lake  to recover.

When most of the amoebas had left my body I rented a rowing boat to get some exercise.

Just below 4000 m above sea level Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world. Sitting in a boat looking at the surrounding Andean mountain range is a sublime experience, and if on top of that the pirate of the Titicaca lake appears, there is not much more to desire is there?

The enormous lake is crossing the border between Bolivia and Peru. According to the Peruvian popular humour La parte de caca queda en Bolivia the (caca:shit) shitty part is placed in Bolivia.

In a way I can confirm that!

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