Law and order in Saranda

saranda2 122

Saranda/Albania June 2012.


Albania – Norway 1-1

theti 006

Overjoyed Albanians celebrating in Tirana after the game against Norway. June 7.

Albanian Antagonists

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Gjerg and Tom debating fiercely at a political meeting in Thethi valley, northern Albania.

The socialist party won the elections a couple of weeks later and Gjerg Harusha (to the left) had to step down from his local power position.

Clean breathing in Theth.

theti 243

The hard to reach Theth valley in northern Albania. June 2013

Working the land in Thethi valley

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An estimated 60% of Albanian economy depends on agriculture. This is Europe June 10, 2013.

Picture shot at Thethi National Park in northern Albania

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