Got a screw loose?

 Cuba visitors smile and recognize the scene. The pre-revolutionary US type wrecks is kept running with the help of Cuban ingenuity and spare parts from all kind of cars Russian, Korean, Japanese… you name it.

Photo taken in Santiago de Cuba. December 24  2004.

Christmas flight in Santiago

 He made the kite with his own hands. Now it´s time for take off.  Santiago de Cuba, Christmas eve 2004.

Vamos abuela

 Come on grandmother… 

Last Thursday the hurricane Sandy hit Santiago de Cuba. The storm caused a lot of destruction in the area and 9 people were killed.

The photo is taken 2004

El amor siempre presente..

En las calles de Santiago!  That is.. love is always around in the streets of Santiago…. and other Cuban places!

One of the reasons that makes it funnier to spend time in that island.