The sound of the archipelago

musik affär 027ps

About 200m from my house we have the, sometimes, stormy North sea.. but when the wind gets calm there is a sound of silence out here in the archipelago.

During the afternoons though, I can sense sweet music from the rehearsing (all musicians) family upstairs.

Downstairs In the music shop people drop by to get some new plectrum, a note-book, a guitar or a statue of Mozart.

Wollmar is providing full service since 25 years to the locals in Hönö/Öckerö islands when it comes to music related articles .

Ten Island Race 2

triatlon hönö 096

One of the rules in the race was to run to the highest point at each of the ten islands.

August 2012. Hönö

Another image from the northern archipelago in the Gothenburg area.

A dip at Vinga!

Klas took me along for a trip to Vinga in his boat earlier today. It´s a classic spot in the Gothenburg archipelago! In summertime when the weather is nice, Sweden is hard to beat.

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Seychelle panorama!

The panorama view over Praslin island, taken from neighboring La Digue. A peaceful, almost magical morning that got it´s only stain from a hung over, bad humoured café owner! Honestly the Seychellois in general are very nice to get along with!


Does it show in her eyes?

It was a spectacular september day 3 years ago.  Lisa got married to Bo
in the church of Hönö.

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