Santa conducting the Christmas party


Linus jul 002p

Christmas eve somewhere in the west coast region in Sweden.

A dip at Vinga!

Klas took me along for a trip to Vinga in his boat earlier today. It´s a classic spot in the Gothenburg archipelago! In summertime when the weather is nice, Sweden is hard to beat.

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Erik and Lena getting married!

Erik and Lena getting married in Hjortnäs/Sweden.

Håkan goes pocketable 2!

It´s a compact camera! Playing, learning, testing.  Limitations and possibilities.  Gothenburg, Sweden. End of January!

Snowy forest 1980 in Umeå!

  Not a white Christmas this year in the southern half of Sweden. 1980 though, I was in Umeå  in the north, visiting my parents.  We took a skiing tour with my father.