Iguazú do Brasil!

  Iguazú is guaraní and means  “great waters” !

The falls was recently declared one of 7 provisional natural wonders of the world. Borders of Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil meet here.

Click on photo to see full size.. and take an amazing tour with helicopter over the falls. (thank you luisguzmanpr)

2 responses to “Iguazú do Brasil!

  1. I have been to the falls from the Argentina side. It was raining continuously – really heavy as in downpour. It was the first time I shot a camera in rain without cover. The cameras survived. Your photo is outstanding. We also saw a rainbow but not as beautiful as yours.


    • Thank you very much Victor. They are indeed impressive falls!

      This photo is scanned from normal slide film. I visited Iguazu at the mid eighties. As you can see I was lucky with the weather !


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