Around the ghetto blaster at Rueda Sten.

 Rogers ghetto blaster have seen better days, but it does its job with excellence. At summertime the salsa aficionados sometimes gather around it to do some dancing at Röda sten.

Gothenburg. Sweden. The 4 of August 2012.

??……..and the Madonna!

  Posters for sale,  Quito, Ecuador.  Those latin machos!….  Almost an ideal image combination to illustrate a certain Freudian complex
But I wonder what Sigmunds analysis would have been including the poster to the left?

Let´s dance with Adriana Mendes

Adriana Mendes started to dance at the age of five in her home country Brazil . She came to Sweden some years ago with the strong determination to create a dance school.

Thanks to skills, patience and energy (like a small nuclear plant) she is now the owner of a very popular dans school in Gothenburg named Adrianas Danshus
A month ago she won the price Settler of the year, pioneer in the west 2011

The Governor of the region handed over the price at a special ceremony in the residence in central Gothenburg.

In the picture: Adriana and her brother Aldo (also a skilled dancer) teaching salsa at Liseberg amusement park in Gothenburg/Sweden. (click on photo to see hi res version)