Game of shadows

iphone 16 mars 025ps

In a failed attempt to make some sort of panorama of the bridge I took this one just when the car passed by.

I liked the shadow game in it. straightened up some lines in PS and converted to black and white.

Crop from iPhone.


Under the bridge 3

2 080ps

iPhone panorama February 2, 2013.

Se also from this place:  and

Along the river


Went for a walk along the river in the cold and sunny weather today. The back pack filled with the big expensive camera plus extra lenses. Never took anything of it out.. it was too cold. iPhone and the panorama feature made the trick.


Around the ghetto blaster at Rueda Sten.

 Rogers ghetto blaster have seen better days, but it does its job with excellence. At summertime the salsa aficionados sometimes gather around it to do some dancing at Röda sten.

Gothenburg. Sweden. The 4 of August 2012.