Cienfuegos, Cuba


1957 Imperial Crown cruising trough the rain in Cienfuegos. (thanks Classic Nation for the info about the car)


Taxi driver


Centro Havana. December 30. 2004

Game of shadows

iphone 16 mars 025ps

In a failed attempt to make some sort of panorama of the bridge I took this one just when the car passed by.

I liked the shadow game in it. straightened up some lines in PS and converted to black and white.

Crop from iPhone.


November 29 Gothenburg

mk3 primero 039

“Give space to the human”  the sign says, as part of a campaign for less cars and more public transport in the city of Gothenburg.

Albania a land of contrast!

 One of the poorest countrys in Europe but I estimate that at least 50% of the cars are Mercedes Benz!

Express to Huandoval!

Went by bus from Lima, Peru to the small isolated village of Huandoval in the Andes. Road sometimes closed due to rain and avalanches!

If you keep on climbing you´ll reach the mountain Huascarán 6 768 meters high!

Can still remember that popular quechua song the driver played over and over and over … trough those cracked loudspeakers!!