Game of shadows

iphone 16 mars 025ps

In a failed attempt to make some sort of panorama of the bridge I took this one just when the car passed by.

I liked the shadow game in it. straightened up some lines in PS and converted to black and white.

Crop from iPhone.


Express to Huandoval!

Went by bus from Lima, Peru to the small isolated village of Huandoval in the Andes. Road sometimes closed due to rain and avalanches!

If you keep on climbing you´ll reach the mountain Huascarán 6 768 meters high!

Can still remember that popular quechua song the driver played over and over and over … trough those cracked loudspeakers!!

Sightseeing Havana!

If you feel like a different sightseeing tour in Havana I would recommend you to put out your hand when a “Botero” passes by!

This is a collective taxi, almost always an old US made prerevolutionary wreck that runs along a fixed route.  The price is next to nothing but the experience can be worth a lot.

The Boteros are not supposed to pick up tourists but they do anyway!!