??……..and the Madonna!

  Posters for sale,  Quito, Ecuador.  Those latin machos!….  Almost an ideal image combination to illustrate a certain Freudian complex
But I wonder what Sigmunds analysis would have been including the poster to the left?

4 responses to “??……..and the Madonna!

  1. My name is Andre Coleman and I’m an associate with a documentary entitled “Beauty Bites Beast” which is about ending violence against women and kids.

    We would very much like to use your clip which we found on YouTube, giving you attribution, of course, in the end credits. We are bargain basement low-budget so we can’t offer you any remuneration. You will have, however, pride in being included in a film that will change and save lives!

    If you happen to have several YouTube postings, the one we are referring to is: ?? … and the Madonna

    If by some chance you’ve already given control to one of the numerous viral social media companies but have retained the right to give us permission, let us know that. Or if you’ve given over all of your rights, let us know that too.

    Here is a trailer that gives you an idea of the larger film. http://tinyurl.com/2015-BBB

    If you want documentation of our non-profit 501 (c 3) status, we’ll happily provide it.

    Meanwhile, we eagerly await your response at the earliest time possible for you. Time is of the essence.

    Andre Coleman


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