Rio Miel


santiago-baracoa 153ps

“Hunny River” outside Baracoa in the eastern part of Cuba. Unlike the rest of the island this region has many rivers and there is almost a sense of rainforest.

Dhermi the sixth of July 2012


 The downfall off rain in Sweden was setting new records in the beginning of July this summer. I escaped to Albania.  This is Dhermi in the south, the sixth of July 2012.

Whale shark habitat!



 The season for watching Whale Sharks in the Seychelles is from August to the end of October with some variations..  If you go another period of the year there are other interesting stuff to see as well. I promise!

Håkan goes nature!

  Ten days ago I was discovering rainforests south of the equator. This picture is taken an hour ago in Änggårdsbergen, Gothenburg.  Different climate, it has its charm though!

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