Rio Miel


santiago-baracoa 153ps

“Hunny River” outside Baracoa in the eastern part of Cuba. Unlike the rest of the island this region has many rivers and there is almost a sense of rainforest.

P-p-p pokerface



In their minds probably “coño.. esta perdiendo” (fuck.. he is loosing)  From a cockfight somewhere around Baracoa, Cuba. December 25,  2005.

Smell of victory..


and blood!  When these gentlemen understood that I was pointing the camera mostly towards them rather than focusing the fighting-cocks the mood changed and became quite aggressive.

I left without arguing. These games are illegal and I had been told that two policemen had been beaten to death a couple of months earlier at another cock-fight!

Salud papi!

Leonels father died some years ago. From time to time he passes by the cemetery to honor him and make a salut.  Cheers dad!


Next posts will hopefully be produced in the south-eastern parts of Europe..  leaving tonight for Rygge-Kerkyra-Saranda!