There is no such thing as..

paradise.. but The Seychelles surely comes close!

The Eco system appears to be in balance, people in general seem happy and the two Giant tortoises definitely had their moment in paradise this morning.  (got my attention at breakfast doing their donkey like love noise)

The sea turtle I met yesterday when diving at the “Ave Maria” rock! White tip reef sharks often seen at that spot, but we were not lucky on this dive. Millions of other under water creatures made me happy anyway!

In one of the images you see the sun drop behind Silhouette island.

Jemmy posing at his restaurant at Grand Anse in La Digue, the smallest of the three principal islands in Sheychelles. The rhythm of life here is slow, main transportation is bicycle and ox cart.

Finally treasure island?? Well actually it´s  Coco island.

Mon meyer ve.  (best wishes)


Praslin personalitys.

This archipelago nation that I am visiting has got an enormous variety of inhabitants both under and over the surface. Yesterday I was lucky to be invited to some deep sea fishing  with Benjamin Jelena and Ilyas from Russia. Ilyas harpooned one of them big ones..

Pictures of the fruitbat is flipped up side down.

The giant turtles exist only in two places in the world The Galapagos and here.

So if you google Praslin you´ll find out where I am..