True blood..

  One interesting phenomena in the Seychelles fauna is the Fruitbat or Flying Fox. Pteropus Seychellensis.

An important species for the ecosystems in the islands. The bat is big as a seagull, and you see them flying around all over also at day time. They are hunted for their meat by some of the locals.

About the catchy Halloween title…no worries, they only eat fruit and flower nectar.  The pic is taken in Praslin island in February 2012 and turned upside down

Praslin personalitys.

This archipelago nation that I am visiting has got an enormous variety of inhabitants both under and over the surface. Yesterday I was lucky to be invited to some deep sea fishing  with Benjamin Jelena and Ilyas from Russia. Ilyas harpooned one of them big ones..

Pictures of the fruitbat is flipped up side down.

The giant turtles exist only in two places in the world The Galapagos and here.

So if you google Praslin you´ll find out where I am..