“It´s my daughter”

 In the island of La Digue in the Seychelles, a woman dressed in the local tourist-company uniform started to chat with me at the guesthouse where I stayed.

She was a likeable person and I recalled having taken a picture of a younger woman (see above) with the same uniform as the one she had, which I told her.. Let me see it she said.  I showed it to her and her instant comment was  “it´s my daughter”.

Whale shark habitat!



 The season for watching Whale Sharks in the Seychelles is from August to the end of October with some variations..  If you go another period of the year there are other interesting stuff to see as well. I promise!

Big sister in Indian ocean!

 If dream beaches is your kind of fun go to the Seychelles!  This is “big sister island” It´s not very big actually, you can walk from one side to the other in 5 minutes.

There is a Little sister as well close by!

Towards Victoria!

  A little boy enjoying the boat trip between Praslin and Mahe in the Seychelles. Mother from Italy is negotiating something with the Seychelloise father.

The Hindu temple in Victoria/Seychelles

 The Seychelles is indeed a cultural melting pot. It´s an African country with strong influences from Great Britain, France, India, China and other places.

22 meters below!

One of the highlights on my two-week visit at the Seychelles was the dive at the Ave Maria rock! You´ll see it as the silhouette island in one of the images.

It was me, the dive master and three french doctors who had arrived from La Reunion to do some sailing around the Seychelles archipelago on board an impressive catamaran. So I was in good hands..

Ave Maria is a granite rock that offers some nice diving conditions. White tip reef sharks are often spotted around here. The variety of life is astonishing as you can see on the images.

One of the interesting creatures we encountered was the Scorpionfish.  It´s much like a chameleon. It is also very venomous, so don’t provoke! I have enhanced the fish sharpness and contrast and as you see it’s still hard to discover.  Clue: you find the eyes at the lower part of photo.

After the visit to the underworld the french divers were a little disappointed for not having seen any sharks despite of my bleeding leg!! (collision with some corrals)

Bonus YouTube film from Seychelles   Thank you Cinicas.    

All photos taken with Canon Powershot S-100 with UW-house. This was my second visit under water with a camera. It´s tricky!

Admiring my Foppatofflor!

  These are branded shoes initially bought in Dominican Republic, converted to bathing shoes in Sweden and finally field tested successfully somewhere between Africa and India.

Foppa is the nick name of the Swedish hockey star Peter Forsberg  

Sheikh it baby!

The rulers of old dynasties in northern Africa and the Arab world are a bit anxious these days. Perhaps former President Barak of Egypt, Colonel Gadaffi in Libya and Ben Ali in Tunisia wished they had maneuvered differently and had prepared an escape strategy!

I managed to get a glimpse of this seven-story palace of Sheikh Khalifa (president of the United Arab Emirates and emir of Abu Dhabi). The mansion, recently constructed in the island of Mahe in the Seychelles has a 360-degree view of the surrounding Indian Ocean.