Towards Victoria!

  A little boy enjoying the boat trip between Praslin and Mahe in the Seychelles. Mother from Italy is negotiating something with the Seychelloise father.

The Hindu temple in Victoria/Seychelles

 The Seychelles is indeed a cultural melting pot. It´s an African country with strong influences from Great Britain, France, India, China and other places.

Kind of blue!

But by no means the blues.. Oh no, this is the Seychelles.

As you see I have done some street photography and visited the fish market in the capital Victoria.

One picture  shows the old chinese store Sham Peng Tong that’s “been around for ages”

The photographer himself also gets the opportunity to pose beside the blue rental jeep

The three ladies with umbrellas is on the island of La Digue.

There is a green version as well

Thank´s Miles for giving me inspiration for the title!

Indian Ocean encounters.

The difference between a nice journey and an extraordinary adventure is the persons you meet!

Thank you Pierre, Adrian, Fadette, Michell, Danielle, Benjamin, Jelena, Ilyas, Anne, Martin, Christina, Peter, Billy, Tess, Jemmy and several other persons for spicing up my visit to the Seychelles

Photoshop collage..  click on picture for full size

There is Big Ben and…

..there is little Ben. Queen Victoria not only gave her name to the capital of the Seychelles, she also donated a smaller copy of the original Big Ben to the city.

The Seychelles has been colonized by both France and Great Britain. The first settlers arrived to the islands around 1770. Victoria is one of the worlds smallest capitals with approximately

30 000 inhabitants. The country became independent 1976.