Going for octopus!

I met Adrian Willington a couple of weeks ago when taking a bicycle tour around the Seychelle island of La Digue. He was walking along the sea-shore carrying a big octopus and of course my curiosity was awaken

He told me that he was working as a security guard at night but during the day he used to go fishing for octopus and had done so since he was young.

After chatting with him for a while I asked if I could go with him the next time he was going fishing. That’s okay,  he said.  Two days later he came by the guesthouse where I was staying and a little later we took off by bicycle towards the beach where he usually goes fishing.

His tools are a bit dated. The flippers are not in best shape and there is a big hole in his wetsuit. He uses a couple of metal sticks to dig out the octopuses! It’s a great experience to accompany and observe the Seychellois diver. We are swimming around a pretty extensive area during more or less 3 hours!

When Adrian spots his prey he is capable of diving down to ten meters depth and stay down for a couple of minutes.

The area where we hunt is also a superb snorkel spot and the place is steaming with fishes of all colors and shape. I see a couple of sea turtles, stingrays and so on.
Adrian says that he almost daily sees sharks when his out but makes no drama about that!

The Noda Clan!

  One day when walking around the Viñales valley in western part of Cuba, I met these guys. They did not say much but gave me a pineapple as a gift.
The three guajiros represent the male core of the Noda family. They work the land all day long and
when night falls they go home to their numerous family’s. Three houses in a row, very basic.  They are poor but generous. I have returned to the Nodas several times. I especially remember the day when Pedro (on the right side) took me fishing.

We where quite a few persons that set off for the adventure. Pedros wife, two daughters, a son some boyfriends etcetera.
Pedro as head of the family described extensively all the elaborate moves you need to apply to catch fish in that lake. The kids did not bother much.

After several kilometers walk we arrived.  With a serious look on his face Pedro stepped out in the water and began his quest for the first fish.
He struggled for an hour or more trying all the tricks in the book but NADA, nothing!

Meanwhile his twelve-year-old daughter started to pull up one fish after another.
She caught 11. Her father got nothing!!

Anyway.. Pedro is not the sulking type.  While we tasted the delicious fish prepared on open fire, he took charge of the entertainment by singing, with lots of feeling, a poem to “Mother”
Nice day indeed!