You have to make quite an effort to get to this village in Sao Nicolau. We entered Covoada from the Canyon to the right, starting at Ribeira Funda by the sea. It took a couple of hours of steep climbing to reach our goal.

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Sao Nicolau/Cape Verde June 11.

The highway to Covoada

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One of the most isolated villages in Sao Nicolau, some seven kilometers northwest of Ribeira Brava.

After climbing the trail visible on this image you have to descend more or less the same distance on the other side to reach Covoada.

Many villagers walks the distance every day, with or without donkey !!  Cape Verde, June 17.

Like a periscope




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On the other side of the valley the top of  Monte Cintinha gets visible for a few seconds over the clouds that cover half of Sao Nicolau.

Picture taken from Monte Gordo.  June 18. Cape Verde

Thank you mr N…

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..for completely destroying my serious, pretentious Cape Verdean family portrait!!

Cape Verde.  Preguica/Sao Nicolau   June 12.


Cape Verdeans

Sao Nicolau and Sao Vicente. June 2014