Zona peligrosa


Klas and me arrived exhausted by bus to Bogota for our last 24 hours in Colombia.
The small hostel was situated in the colonial part of the gigantic 12 million people city.
Thanks to Jaime we saw among other things the gold museum and the Montserrat mountain with a spectacular view over the Colombian capital.

Problem was that we forgot to write down the adress to our accommodation, so when walking back in the dark for our beauty sleep (early morning flight) we realised that we where lost!

People started to warn us “zona peligrosa” dangerous zone, dont walk any further…..

Okey…. dont panic!!…

We knew the name of the hostel and walked in to a bakery shop and asked the owner for help finding the adress!?

After a while The hostel “Destino Nomada” was localised via google… but the problem was that this was also “zona muy peligrosa” ….

So suddenly a soldier that was resting on a chair in the shop said “no problem I will escort them (some 10 minutes distance)!
He called for his college also equipped with a loaded automatic weapon.
So there we marched me and Klas trough colonial Bogota in the dark feeling somewhat strange followed by these two guys!

Bogota January 13.  Photo by Klas Einald…  one of few times when the blogger himself appears on picture!