Under the bridge 2

iphone febr2 082

It was actually 5 degrees below cero that day. The wedding couple where struggling to appear warm. The photographer !!! had to keep up the spirits and deliver.

February 2. 2013

On the rocks

5D  is mm 053  Winter came. The creek along my walking trail in Änggårdsbergen is dressed in ice. This was earlier today when I was trying to get my daily dose of sun light.

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Winter´s coming

I regularly walk or run along this creek. Those who follow my blog have seen images from this place representing different seasons… this one would be the final sign of the autumn 2012.

Änggårdsbergen, Gothenburg.

By the way, be careful with your compact camera in humid places. Mine gave up completely a week ago perhaps for being a bit over ambitious along this creek.

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