Baron von Munchausen..?? yeah some similarities perhaps, but no.. this is Anton Nilson. The last man to be sentenced to the death penalty in Sweden. He was born 1887 and goes under the name of “Amalthea Mannen”. This adventurer was one of the responsables of the bomb attack on the Amalthea ship in Malmö, Sweden 1908. Anton was an unemployed construction worker and member of a radical socialist movement.  British strike breakers were staying on the boat. A man died of the injuries from the explosion.

Just before the execution he was pardoned. Nilson got out of jail the year of the revolution 1917.

He got training as a pilot sponsored by a wealthy man, Olof Aschberg  (The Swedes know his younger relative.. Robert)  and ended up in Russia accompanied by the Swedish communist party leader Ture Nerman.
Anton Nilson enrolled for the red army, became member of the Soviet communist party. Several years he flew reconnaissance aircraft during the russian civil war.
As an award for his services the Swedish combatant recieved a leather jacket from the supreme boss Bronstein/Trotskij. He also met with Lenin and Stalin

He seemed destined to stay in the sovietunion but after six years in the air he fell in love with the swedish textile teacher Märtha Hedberg. (folkpartiet, Lottakåren !! far from hardcore communism)
They got married. At the age of 37, Anton and his wife moved back to Sweden.
Anton was affiliated with the whole scale of leftist parties from a-ö during his lifetime.  At 65 he became a social democrat and stayed loyal the rest of his life.

1988 Just before turning 102, Anton died. A pieze of Swedish labor movement history!

Me and the journalist Berndt Norberg met Anton in his Stockholm apartment just a few years before his death. With that particular “Skåne” dialect of his,  he shared his life story with us.

Thank you Mats Parner.  I Borrowed some facts from your article about  Amalthea-mannen