Working the maize field!

Little boy working hard at the maize field.

Some decades ago I stayed a week in the Andean village of Huandoval in the province of Ancash, Peru.

It’s a small isolated place with no electricity and no telephone. You have to rely on shortwave radio for communication. In periods you can´t reach or leave the area because the road collapses in the rain!

A fantastic horseback ride excursion in the mountains with the shopkeeper of the village is a strong memory from that week!

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El Condor pasa!

Some weeks ago I shared the story about the Cuban Tocororo bird.
The bonus in that adventure was the encounter with the zunzuncito, hummingbird the smallest bird on the planet. Weigh 1,6g, length is 5,7cm, Half of that is tail and a beak.

I have also had the honor to meet the worlds biggest flying bird, The Condor!

It weights about 15 kilo and has a 3-meter wingspan.
It was a breathtaking moment to observe two of these giants dominating the sky!
As we are in superlative territory it´s also worth mentioning the Colca Canyon in the Andes, southern Peru, where this picture was taken. It is the deepest in the world (yes deeper than Grand Canyon).

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The pirate of the Titicaca lake!

Indisposed (to put it mildly) I stayed a few days in the Bolivian village Copacabana, (no, not the one in Rio) at the Titicaca lake  to recover.

When most of the amoebas had left my body I rented a rowing boat to get some exercise.

Just below 4000 m above sea level Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world. Sitting in a boat looking at the surrounding Andean mountain range is a sublime experience, and if on top of that the pirate of the Titicaca lake appears, there is not much more to desire is there?

The enormous lake is crossing the border between Bolivia and Peru. According to the Peruvian popular humour La parte de caca queda en Bolivia the (caca:shit) shitty part is placed in Bolivia.

In a way I can confirm that!

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Mario Vargas Llosa

Nobel prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa. La fiesta del chivo, Historia de Mayta.

Somewhat influenced by  The feast of the goat  I travelled around Dominican Republic less than a year ago. Click on tag Dominican Republic!