Tram weird


Kviberg mm 069A split second before the door was closed at the tram.  Some strange characters you meet around the Kviberg market in Gothenburg.

Captured today at 14:49.

Second hand


A phenomena that is growing, second-hand, flea market or “loppis” as it´s called in Sweden. For a street photographer its a tempting environment. These pics are from today and another occasion a month ago. Post number 300 on this blog that started in September a year ago, Well done Håkan!

Cuddle me eyes..

 This cutie is the  chairman of the local flea market in Alto do Poio, Galicia. Staying for a rest and a beer we enjoyed the company of the lovesick puppy for a while.

It seemed a bit itchy though??  Buen camino woff woff.. 

The Epicenter of Superpowers!

  After World War Two the four winning powers divided Berlin into different “Zones”.  Walking around the flea market in Berlin 1978 you could sense the general cold war frustration!