Horse drama in Viñales!

One day leaving the guesthouse where I stayed in Viñales/Cuba for a walk, I almost immediately stumbled into this scene. The horse, probably fatigued and mal nourished had slipped. The owner eventually got some help to put the horse on his feet and a bit later they continued to wherever they where heading….

In Cuba Fidel Castro is often refered to as “El Caballo” : The Horse

Tres mulatas!

  A few days ago, 17 of January, a three-story house collapsed in the area where these girls live. Havana is falling apart!

The Cuban Communist Party is gathering this weekend in Havana to talk about reforms,
ways to renew its aging leadership and the eventual separation between the party and the state!

More interesting information (for the spanish speaking) about the day-to-day life in the capital of Cuba is found in Generacion Y  by Yoani Sánchez.

“En las calles Infanta y Salud, un edificio de tres plantas no soportó más y se vino abajo en la noche del martes 17 de enero”

Más información interesante de la vida cotidiana en la capital Cubana: Generacion Y
by Yoani Sánchez