Ship building


The ship-building business is a traditional industry in Gothenburg. Structural change in the global economy ended this some 50 years ago.  Still there are some smaller ship building yards left on the Hisingen side of the river.  Picture from August 22. 2012


Bubble economy?

 A man in central Palma de Mallorca/Spain making a living amongst the tourists!

Spanish borrowing costs has rocketed lately! Hope the solution wont be dramatic?

Solution for the EURO!

This photo will not give me any awards, I know that.

It´s just an illustration of an eventual solution to the EURO crisis.

This is Bolivian Pesos 1984. The country was in big economical trouble.
The governments solution was simple… Print more money.. brilliant, the ministers tought.

The only problem is that the prices increased as quick as the printer press
rotated. A local bus fare was 65 000 pesos and if a tourist wanted to change
50 dollar she had to bring the backpack because the peso equivalent was a lot to carry!

(No point clicking on the photo to se full size.. the picture just look more awful the bigger it gets!)

Calle Melones, Luyanó

Hector and Rodrigo. End of 1993.The brothers playing outside their house on calle Melones in Luyano. Havana, Cuba.
Hector now living in the USA. Rodrigo, despite that KO punch, is a renowned ballet dancer travelling around the world..

Parents must be proud!