Two ladies



looking at the odd customer (the photographer) inside Cafe Concordia where you rarely see any other client than the Cubans living in the neighborhood. Cayo Hueso, central Havana.

Turning the corner in Camaquey!

  Parking myself patiently in a street corner in Camaquey, Cuba I managed to catch this young couple following them with my camera at 1/20 sek.

The sequence of totally 15 images is included in my 36 min long slide show about Cuba From Cayo Hueso to Rio Miel  from wich you can see some samples here

Café Concordia

    Old friends having a conversation

Where the Concordia and Soledad streets meet in Centro Habana you find Café Concordia.

This is Cayo Hueso, one of the citys most run down quarters. No paint on the walls and many houses collapsed completely. Lots of people moving around “resolving” or searching for food!

In the books Trilogia sucia de la Habana by Pedro Juan Gutierrez you can get a pretty god idea of how the Cubans gets by in the area.

Café Concordia is state runned and the clients are supposed to be the locals of the “barrio”.

A tourist entering here is an exotic creature!  But I felt that this could be a nice place to get to know people and take some  pictures. So I had to give it some time to survive that feeling of being an alien.

I ordered a beer and after a while I had a nice chat about the legendary Cuban mucisian Beny Moré
with another client!

I came back almost every day during a week and the first excitement about
my visits calmed down. Took a lot of photos and got to know some of the other regulars.

When the evening approached they told me to go home because this is not a healthy neighborhood for me with that expensive camera and so on..

Centro Habana

The author Pedro Juan Gutiérrez  looking out from his apartment over Centro Habana. The story in his book Dirty Havana trilogy, takes place around this very building and the surrounding quarters of the city.