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Lots of Colombians come to Santa Marta and Taganga at the northern coast to spend the holidays.. January 2015.


Santa Marta

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The northern coastline of Colombia. January 2015

Tropical Gothenburg

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Have spent July looking for out-of-the-way-beaches in the Gothenburg area. This is one of my favourites.. and… yeah it has been a hot month!


Albania The Land of Eagles!

 Erisa brought me to this place with caves and rocks and all the ingredients that makes a perfect beach! Before I could say woooow she climbed up and without hesitation threw herself out .

The eagle? well I put it there just for fun!  (PS)

10 of July a little bit south of Saranda,  Shqipëri

One day at the beach!

 A Dominican family of three generations having lots of fun at playa Rincon. Samaná/ Dominican Republic