Fishing.. smoking


A hot Zadar, Croatia  yesterday evening.

Thethi valley, a forgotten world


Isolated from the rest of the country during six months each year, due to the snow, the  locals of Thethi valley have to do some serious planning for their survival. There is no shop and no electricity available, so do not forget to buy your own toothpaste before you cross the mighty mountains surrounding Thethi.

Time seem to have frozen in this part of northern Albania. The land is cultivated by hand  or behind the horse.

Some decades ago a large part of the male population died by the 500-year-old “kanun” family feud tradition implemented by Lek Dukagjin. The last blood revenge according to a village woman, happened five years ago!

Luckily these dark age customs lately seem to have been reduced considerably and as a guest it is hard to find a place where you will be treated in a better way.


saranda1 116b

We are next! A cultural event at the Saranda sports arena in southern Albania. In just a moment these young dancers will step out and represent their province before the critical eyes of the jury, national television and a large number of spectators.


Dhermi the sixth of July 2012


 The downfall off rain in Sweden was setting new records in the beginning of July this summer. I escaped to Albania.  This is Dhermi in the south, the sixth of July 2012.

Discovering Albania!

Second post 4 of July.  Arrived yesterday from Gjirokaster to Berat, central Albania.  Really its a bit to hot to figure out some cleaver text. Perhaps the pictures speaks for them selves.

The mercedes symbol??  Well those who have been in Albania get it!

Having a great experience here!