Empezó la Fiesta

rx col2 154

Cali, La Capital de Salsa mundial according to the `Caleños´ and it´s hard to disagree.

We arrived a few days ago and there are some other well-known guests as well,

among them: Los Van Van, Enrique Iglesias, Willie Colon, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Oscar de León

Manolito y su Trabuco, El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, Jose Alberto ‘El Canario’, Grupo Niche, etcetera!

La Feria de la Salsa 25-31 of December in Cali/Colombia…hot place for a salsero!

About the picture… yeah it can be some wild action at the events, most of it though consists of friendly shouting, laughing and dancing…These guys really know how to party!! Last night we went to sleep around 06,30 am!

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