I have a cousin…


walking around Talho on the hills outside Ribeira Brava (Sao Nicolau, Cape Verde) me and my travel companion started to chat with a guy who was busy painting a garage door.
This is what you do in these parts of the world, anything else would be rude. So we talked for a while with this sympathetic and somewhat shy man with the name Avelino.
When he heard that we where Swedes he commented “Eu tenho un primo na Suécia”  I have a cousin in Sweden…. he is a football player..
Okey… ??

Yeah his name is Henrik,  Henrik..Larsson.
What are the odds?? I thought!
For those who are not football aficionados I can informe you that Henrik Larsson made his last match for the Swedish national team 2009. He has played for various international clubs among them FC Barcelona 2004-2006..
It seems that Henrik got his name after Avelinos father Henrique. We kept talking with the modest painter for a while. He was following the ongoing world cup in Brasil of course, as everybody else these days, but did not normally play himself,  he was more of a jogger!

when we left I could not help myself thinking once again.. what are the odds!!?

Thanks to Liv Grethe I can show a family picture as well.. Henriks father, Francisco Rocha,  is supposedly the “boss” in the middle!


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