Familia de Huandoval


He approached me on the street and asked “señor.. usted puede hacerme el favor de tomar una foto de mi familia?”  Mister.. can you do me the favor of taking a photo of my family?

This was in Huandoval in 1979, a small isolated village in the Peruvian Andes.

I went with him in to his house and suggested them to sit down in the doorway.

When finished the man in the house thanked me in a sincere way and invited me for a

drink. There was never any desire expressed for a copy of the picture, they just seemed happy enough for having their portrait taken.

Hope they are connected to the web today and google on “Huandoval”.  If someone recognize this family I would be grateful for some information.

9 responses to “Familia de Huandoval

  1. I know if they are Huandoval is the brother of my grandmother’s name Pasquel evelio kings, at first when I saw the photo not recognized but is alive and lives there beyond this with his wife and three children, of course and with the passing of the years the town has changed and people have aged, this photo will print it for you and deliver them in August when you travel to there.
    Small world that I am not from there but my dad and my grandparents when I was just looking through the web to see what state is the town today and I noticed with surprise photo.
    if you want to give you a message let me know


    • I am so happy Freddy that you have identified this family. If you in any way can print or transmit the picture to them in Huandoval I would be grateful.
      I think it was 79 when I took the photo, so almost 35 years later we can wright down the
      corresponding data beneath the portrait.
      Please if you get the exact name of the persons in the correct order send this information to me. Y que sepas que hablo español sin ningun problema tambien.

      Thank you Freddy. Håkan Rönnblad/Sweden


  2. Saludos desde Peru. Esta es la foto de Evelio Reyes. Aun vive en Peru. No recuerdo los nombres de la esposa e hijos. saludos.


  3. Hola Hakan yo soy su sobrina el reside en Huandoval y en Lima viene por temporadas pero la proxima vez que lo vea le doy la foto y tus saludos y las puertas de huandoval estaran siempre abiertas para usted.


    Cristina Reyes


    • Hola Cristina.. Me alegro mucho por tus palabras. Saludale y dile que me invite un cafe en la proxima visita que hago a Huandoval… Hermoso lugar! Saludos de
      Hakan en Suecia


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